Posted 1 day ago

Bioshuck Limited by LoCo-LoBos

(racist Santa)

(Terrible sheep herder)

And smoker Elizabeth
(God loves a smoke)

I love that game

Posted 2 days ago

Today I feel…

Highly desirable…

Like i could attract any girl i want…

I feel handsome and sexy…

And above all else…

I feel confidant and proud!

Posted 1 week ago

Shes Up at Night by LoCo-LoBos

A sexy anthropomorphic bat lady…

I’m such a pervert…

Posted 1 week ago

Little Tibia & the Fibians - It’s The Mummy

Mad Monster Party

Posted 1 week ago

To the Pandarens out there…

lets talk about you being a panda person.

whats it like?

Posted 2 weeks ago

Stupid Dog! by LoCo-LoBos

Old stuff…

My werewolf guy from World of Warcraft.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Meh by LoCo-LoBos

some days are just meh

a drawing of me

Posted 3 weeks ago

Forget your name by LoCo-LoBos

I had a dream about a monster,
that if you say its name, you fall unconscious.
when you wake, your sitting in a chair, in a forest. sitting opposite to you is It.
It asks your name.
if you answer, you forget your name, and are transformed into a monster, and sent back into the world.
if you don’t, you are trapped in the forest until you answer its question.
you cant lie to it.
you cant kill it.
you will ether be trapped in its forest, or try to live trapped in a monsters body.

Posted 3 weeks ago


from now on this will be an art blog.

no more reblogs

Posted 3 weeks ago

Chozo Warrior by LoCo-LoBos
Metroid’s Samus Aran

Posted 3 weeks ago

Its been a long time

how have you been tumblr?

iv forgotten about you

Posted 1 month ago

Madoshen stuff by LoCo-LoBos

old shitty drawings…of my WoW panda

Posted 1 month ago
Posted 1 month ago

Mass effect and me

When I play mass effect, I pretend it’s “The adventures of Matthew Shepard, the space Mexican!”

Journey across the stars with Matthew as he fumbles his way into battle with only a shitty pistol!

Posted 1 month ago

I’m terrible

I just remembered something i said to someone here on tumbler, i remember not seeing there posts anymore, though there page was still being updated, so i guessed i was blocked by them. that was maybe a year ago, i didn’t know why until just now. i said something that was not quite thought out, and implied at something bad.

I feel so stupid, god i hate myself right now.